Carousell, Videopersona, Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway

Stranded Carousell, Nässjö konsthall 11/10-15/11 2014


Oi de Casa! performance 2014 from Marit Lindberg on Vimeo.

Exhibition Paço das Artes,

São Paulo, Brazil,

30 Juni 2014,

Oi de Casa! Performance 



Workshop at MIS,



Oi de Casa! Songs from São José de Barreiro, June 2014.Performance in São José de Barreiro, Brazil,in collaboration with

Photo: Anja Ganster



foto:Elisabet Apelmo

Elisabet Apelmo & Marit Lindberg
Markerad, omarkerad

Performance, videoinstallation
Malmökonstnärer som samarbetat kring olika performance- och installationsprojekt med social
klangbotten. Markerad Omarkerad involverar tjejfotbollslag (Växjö BK), karatelag (Karate-do Shotokan Akademi) och en manskör (Vox Harmony) som genomför en performance på vernissagedagen. En dokumentation av den visas i utställningen.

Blood, sweat and itching

Museet for samtidskunst, Roskilde

Performance by Elisabet Apelmo and Marit Lindberg: Blood, Sweat and Itching

In the performance Blood, Sweat and Itching, Elisabet Apelmo and Marit Lindberg have collected a series of personal stories, which are retold and disclosed for the public.


Samling / Collection

Exhibition Krognoshuset Aura, Lund
A collection of artists dreams about other artists works





STUDENTPALATSET / The Student Palace

Weld Navinki performancefstival
Norrtullsgatan Stockholm

HOTEL WENZEL, video 16 min 2004
Ett kollektivt minne

Konstskolan Forum gjorde i slutet av 80-talet en skolresa till ett delat Berlin. För några var det både första och sista gången man såg Berlin-muren. Dagarna ägnades år konstgallerier och nätterna år barerna i Kreuzberg.Det var en händelserik resa, men när deltagarna minns resan är det hotellet de talar om. Vi hade bokat rum på Hotell Wentzel, mitt på Ku´damm, alldeles intill KaDeWe. Det såg fint ut i entrén, men sen upphörde alla likheter med ett vanligt turisthotell i en storstad. Hotellet visade sig vara ett bygge. Det fanns inte sängar till alla. Alla ombads sätta sig i ett tomt rum och vänta på att extra-sängar skaffades fram. I entren stod en vakt som liknade en bodyguard i nån gangsterfilm. (more…)

Markerad, omarkerad/Marked, unmarked
video, ljud och träning/video, sound and exercise

Landskrona Konsthall, Spelplan
Elisabet Apelmo och Marit Lindberg

Mer information

Flamenco in Taipei
Lian is a young woman who lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She dances flamenco and dreams about Spain. To her, Spain is the place of freedom, the place were she can be ”herself”. I met Lian in Taipei and travelled with her to Mazu, a little island close to the cost of mainland China.
She danced, we talked, I filmed.
The video is about an unusually strong woman who manages to visualize her dreams, despite a hard everyday life and the expectations from the society on how a woman is supposed to make her choices. What interested me, as a European, is the aspect of exoticism and romanticism towards such other cultures an how it works both ways. What is exotic? Who is exotizing whom?

Four short videos 1996-2007


Vampire and Skeleton
video 1 min

Sign-language and a horrible song about Skeletons and Vampires performed by sweet children

Practical Chinese
video 1min

The chinese world shi shi translated into English.

A lesson in Finnish grammar
video 1 min

Childrens rhymes for learning Finnish grammar

Talk about dreams
video 8 min 1999

Talk about dreams video 8 min 1999
Three young men, professional actors, were given one story each to tell the others. The shooting took place in a restaurant in Malmö. The actors were not allowed to hear the other stories beforehand and they were instructed to react on what they heard. The stories they were given to perform and to transform into their own were all dreams that I have had. The actors didn´t know this, and it wasn´t obvious that the stories were dreams; they were only so weird or so normal that they could almost have happened in real life.

The Treasure
videoinstallation 1998

Two young women ran away from home and hitch-hiked to Christiania, Copenhagen. They met four young men and together with them they decided to break in to a jewellery´s. The alarm went off. The girls escaped with the gold. They didn´t know what to do with the loot, so they burried it in Christiania. It is probably still to be found there. Nobody knows what happened to the other girl. A true story told by one of the girls.

Four o´clock in the morning
1 min 35 mm film Art at The Movies, /SF Culture Capital of Stockholm 1998

A story about neighbours, and the fact that we interact with each others´ lives, whether we want it or not. The story is told through a song about a night in Malmö, when suddenly a young girl´s voice echoed between the houses: Mummy Mummy I don´t want to die yet!!! All the neighbours woke up. Someone had already called the police.

Mikaelas voice
video 11 min 1997

Mikaela, 18 years old, is telling us stories and memories from her own life. Her voice is clear but the image on the screen is blurred. After a while it becomes clear why the picture is so difficult to discern: Mikaela is blind.

Original voice: Mikaela Stigsdotter Larsson
English transtation and voice: Nina Lindström
Chinese translation: Amber Wang
Chinese voice: Lin Ching-Ping
Japanese translation and voice: Yui Watanabe