Blood, sweat and itching

Museet for samtidskunst, Roskilde

Performance by Elisabet Apelmo and Marit Lindberg: Blood, Sweat and Itching

In the performance Blood, Sweat and Itching, Elisabet Apelmo and Marit Lindberg have collected a series of personal stories, which are retold and disclosed for the public.


Apelmo and Lindberg take our sometimes strained relationship to pharmacy visits as a starting point for their study of the relationship between the private intimate sphere and the public domain. From the balcony at the  Dom Apoteket (Dome Pharmacy), we get exposed to tales of embarrassing situations, where vaginal discharge, dead skin, sweating and body odour are on the agenda. The personal material is hereby given to a collective experience where the audience inevitably participates in taboo and often well known, private sufferings.